ITFN 3601 Assignments

Project 1: List management

Due Date:

Monday, March 12th, 2018, 11:59 PM

Write a program that exercises the list management features of the programming language of your choice. Python is strongly suggested. Be sure to only use the latest 2.7 version of Python for your project

  1. Create a list of lists with unique elements of your choosing. For example (which cannot be used by anyone) a list of polygons consisting of the length of each of their sides. So a [5,5,5] would be an isoceles triangle with 3 sides of length 5. Be sure to post a description of your list elements and the operations you plan to execute on them to the D2L forum in order to guarantee that they are unique for each student.

  2. Insert another element (as specified above) into that list. This does not require user input. This step cannot be combined with the previous step.

  3. Print the list.

  4. Create a new list from the one above where each inner list elements are transformed or rearranged. Examples include sorting elements or performing an arithmetic operation such as doubling upon each element.

  5. Write a filter function that categorizes each of the inner list elements in some way. For example, with polygons there are regular polygons, in which all sides are the same length, and non-regular polygons, where the sides are not the same length. Note that this function should return back a list of boolean values True/False for each inner element in the list. Please attempt to generate this list of booleans with a single line of code within the function.

  6. Execute the function on the your list, saving the results and then print the list of True/False results returned.

  7. Create a new list of filtered elements from the original list. The new list should only contain elements from the original list that filter to true from the filter list. So for example if the filter was for regular polygons, then the filtered list would only contain regular polygons. Please attempt to generate this new filtered list with a single line of code.

  8. Print the new list of filtered list elements.

  9. Delete a specific element from the list of filtered list elements (ask the user for the index of the target)

  10. Print the final list of filtered elements showing the removal of the requested element.


  1. A zip file containing your program.

  2. A video that explains and demonstrates the project. Screencasts are acceptable. Audio is optional. The video must have the following sections: