Kahuna and FTP (and other remote access)

The kahuna admin, Byron Jeff, has decided to suspend both ftp and telnet protocols as they are both extremely insecure from a network standpoint. Both shuffle passwords and data around the network in clear text which means that anyone along the way with a network sniffer can intercept such information.

But not to worry. it has been replaced with an SSH server, which has a much higher level of security while offering the same functionality. You should download two applications to utilize SSH: putty and WinSCP. Putty replaces telnet and will let you get a command line login to kahuna. WinSCP or Filezilla will give you an interface similar to WS_FTP but at a much higher level of security. Note that Filezilla is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux systems while WinSCP only runs under Windows.

FileZilla (download the client only) can be found at: https://filezilla-project.org

WinSCP can be found at: http://winscp.sourceforge.net/eng

Putty (and make sure to download version 0.70 or later) can be found here: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty

Note 1: Windows users only need to download the putty.exe file and place it on their desktop.

Note 2: Mac OSX and Linux users do not need Putty. They can access SSH using this tutorial.

As stated, putty will give you remote command line login access. Also it has a better telnet interface than the standard Windows telnet client. You can find a brief putty tutorial that describes how to use putty for remote access. Note the hostname for access is kahuna.clayton.edu

Putty also facilitates SSH port forwarding tunnels so that authorized users of kahuna can access retricted resources remotely. This Putty tunneling tutorial describes how to do this for Windows users of Putty. The same can be done on Max OSX/Linux using the built in ssh client. The process is described in the Local Port Forwarding section of this tutorial.

To jumpstart using WinSCP take a look at this online tutorial for getting started. Simply put kahuna.clayton.edu in the host field of the WinSCP login dialog to connect to kahuna. Also be sure that the port listed at the bottom of the dialog is set to 22.

Filezilla has this tutorial available. Again the hostname for access is kahuna.clayton.edu Hope this helps,