Instructor: Ken Nguyen

Fall, 2011

General Information

Course Name: Algorithms I - ITSD 4301
Course Number: 87129
Location: U312
Meeting Date & Time: Tue/Thu 6:30PM - 7:45PM

Syllabus   (PDF)
Academic Calendar

Course Assessment
ComponentPortion of Grade
3 Exams
(Tentative dates: 9/20, 10/25, and Dec. 8 @ 5PM)
60% (20% each)
(6-8) Labs/Assignments 40%

Final Exam Schedule

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Assignment #1
Assignment #2 (updated)
Assignment #3   HW3.cs stub
Assignment #4
Assignment #5
Assignment #6

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Labs and Exercises

Excersie #1

Note: The syllabus combining with the schedule represent a general plan for the course and deviations from this plan may be necessary during the duration of the course.